How much does it cost to buy a replica Cartier for wedding jewelry?

How much does it cost to buy a replica Cartier for wedding jewelry?

Marriage is a major event in life, and in order to let new people in the wedding enough face, will wear some fake cartier love bracelet at the wedding, in order to celebrate, but also to be in a position to highlight the style of the husband. Marry a lot of will buy hardware, then the wedding hardware has what, purchase a set of wedding hardware to how much money, then look at small series for everyone to introduce the content!

What are the wedding hardware:

1. Ring

The ring is the wedding hardware indispensable object. This also can see whether you are married sign. If your fingers are slim and white, a lot of gold rings are perfect for you, and if your fingers are rounded, then you can choose some of the more ring-side designs that seem to be thinner. Ring in wedding hardware is particularly important, so be sure to choose carefully oh.

2. Gold necklace

Necklaces are also members of the wedding hardware. Select the necklace can be based on your dress to choose, if your wedding dress is not open, then you can choose a short short necklace will be more suitable, if it is open collar design, then choose the long and long necklace matching will be more good-looking oh.

3. Earrings

Earrings are very many styles. In the wedding hardware is also a pivotal role. Then when choosing earrings, the bride can choose according to their own hairstyle. Simple button or ear earrings is more suitable for short hair, and the small ring-shaped ears will be able to foil the elegant temperament of the bride-to-be.

4, Bracelets, bracelets

Bracelets and bracelets are also indispensable for wedding hardware. The rounded bridge is suitable for wearing a loose bracelet, and a slimmer bride can choose to wear two or more bracelets, which will make it look more mellow.

5. Pendant

Pendants of the part in the wedding hardware, or a relatively rare, because some new people wear gold necklaces are alone, you cannot need pendants. Then choose a pendant necklace of the bride, you can choose the atmosphere, simple pendant style, more competent to highlight the natural and unrestrained.

Second, cartier wedding jewelry hardware about how much money:

According to the contemporary family economy, each new couple in the wedding hardware costs are different, some cost 10,000 yuan, some 10,000 yuan to 10,005, some are more than 10,005 or more, so buy replica cartier jewelry wedding hardware does not specify the price.

Wedding hardware is the ring, gold necklace, earrings, bracelets or bracelets, pendants of this several, in the wedding time according to the different customs, some places are only bought three gold, not buy hardware, but this is also related to the economic situation of new people.

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