How to choose Replica Cartier Jewelry

How to choose Replica Cartier Jewelry

The bride on the wedding day in addition to wear wedding dress and makeup, but also need to wear jewelry, mainly to increase the beautiful charm of the bride, so that the bride more glamorous and moving, then the bride jewelry should be how to choose, the bride wearing jewelry should pay attention to which, the following article to introduce you.

How to choose Replica Cartier Jewelry

1. Cartier  Necklace Selection

Necklace is a shoe bride often wear jewelry, one of the bride’s necklace is preferred according to the bride’s face to choose, if it is face, then the size of those shorter length of the necklace, if the face is more rounded, then the best choice for those with pendant pendant better. Then also want to see the bride’s skin color, skin white Bride can choose, skin darker bride, the best choice pearl necklace, the best to see the wedding style, as far as possible to choose the necklace and wedding matching.

2, Cartier Wedding Earrings

Wedding Earrings Best Choice long fall shape of the most amorous, slender earrings will make the bride appear more elegant, especially those color gold, K gold, platinum, rose gold earrings More let you beautiful and moving, as far as possible to choose those new ear pendant, will let the bride more youthful beautiful.

3. replica Cartier Wedding ring

Wedding ring is an essential jewelry at weddings, usually have each other to wear it on your left hand ring finger above, the choice of diamond ring is mainly based on the diamond Ring 4 C and the brand to decide, it is best to buy a diamond ring when the jewelry store to consult.

What to pay attention to when wearing bridal jewelry

1. Quantity rule

The bride is wearing jewelry, the number of the less the better, preferably not more than 3 kinds, in addition to earrings, the same jewelry to wear the best no more than one piece.

2. Color rules

The bride’s jewelry, it is best to keep the color of the same, wearing more than one piece of jewelry to maintain the same color, as well as the wearing of inlaid jewelry, to make the mosaic with the main tone, so more coordinated.

3, Texture rules

The jewelry worn by the bride needs to be consistent in texture, and if there are inlaid items on the jewellery, it is also essential to keep the inlay material in the same place.

4. Identity rules

Brides wear jewelry to suit their gender and identity, age. High-grade jewelry is mainly used for intimate social occasions, peacetime work, casual wear.

5. Collocation rules

When the bride wears jewelry, it is preferable to match with her dress style and color, so it looks more beautiful and harmonious.

6. Customary rules

The bride wears the jewelry also to conform to the local custom and customs, different areas of customs and habits are not the same thing, to express understanding and respect.

Article Summary: The above is about how to choose Bride jewelry and the bride wearing jewelry should pay attention to the relevant introduction, hoping to give some help to the bride, bridal jewelry on the wedding day is also very important accessories, need to follow the rules, to maintain their noble and beautiful breath.

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