Manicure Tutorial Step Picture 2017

Manicure Tutorial Step Picture 2017

The bride always presents the most beautiful side of the wedding, some exquisite bride will also do tricks on the nails, so if the bride’s own at home to do the nail, it will be very difficult, next, the small part of the United States to bring us a tutorial step pictures and the home to do a simple method of manicure, a look!

Manicure Tutorial Step Picture 2017

First, manicure tutorial steps Picture: Preparation work

Want to make a manicure at home, then you need the following manicure tools: Color nail polish, small diamond sequins, trumpet brushes, tape, foam cotton, and a bottle of transparent nail polish, and when you’re ready for these tools, you’ll be ready to do your nails.

Second, manicure tutorial steps Picture: Gradient Color nail

The gradual discoloration of the nails looks like a very difficult look, but the operation is not as complicated as imagined, at the same time to do a gradual discoloration of the nail is suitable for the same color of the nail polish, so the effect is better.

Manicure Tutorial Step Picture 2017

STEP1, first choose a lighter-coloured nail polish bottom, coated with the entire nail face.

STEP2, will have just used the bottom nail polish and used to make discoloration of the nail polish on the table 3-5 drops, using toothpicks to the two color junctions of the place slightly fusion. Smear will be more natural.

STEP3, sponge foam dipped in the two colors, in the upper and lower friction, to create a gradual sense.

STEP4, clean the excess nail polish on the edge of the nail, and dry the varnish with a transparent nail polish.

Third, manicure tutorial steps Picture: Use the tape to make nail pattern

Manicure Tutorial Step Picture 2017

Nails using nail tools can have unintended effects, here to introduce the main color for the green nail, it seems that there is a kind of turquoise feeling there is no, very texture, but do green color of the nails to pick a person oh, more suitable for the white woman, but also can you like to replace the color of green OH , the effect will be good oh.

Manicure Tutorial Step Picture 2017

STEP1, first with green nail polish to paint the whole surface, if not enough saturation can be coated with two layers.

STEP2, will be cut into a suitable size. After the nail oil dry, according to the image in the picture affixed to a face.

STEP3, with gold nail polish on the shape of the adhesive stick, will be torn off the strip. It becomes an irregular pattern.

STEP4, with red rhinestones dotted irregular pattern, and coated with transparent nail oil air-dry.

PS: If you learn how to use the tape, the shape of the nail can be drawn.

In the text to bring us a tutorial steps pictures and do a simple method at home, do not know that we have learned not ah, is not very simple, for their own manicure, not only can save money, but also do their own want to do the style, one more oh.

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